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Welcome to this, the second day of the ‘Iconic Prop Cup 2008’. Firstly a congratulations to the Swan Station Clock Timer, the Hieroglyphic Door, Radzinsky's Blast Door Map, and the Circle of Ash. They all proceed through to Round 2 of the Prop Cup. Commiserations to ‘Charlie’s Driveshaft Ring’, in our first major upset of the competition.

There is not much in the way of island mythology today, but there are plenty of fan favourites and a whole lot of props which gave us some of our most memorable ‘WTF’ moments.

Poll 1 gives us fan favourite Charlie’s Greatest hits, as well as Daniel’s Journal. Kate’s Mug Shot caused a stir, as did Tom’s fake beard. Could the fake flight recorder cause an upset today? Do the gasmasks stand a chance?

Perhaps our most difficult poll to call thus far in the competition, Poll 2 brings us a little bit of everything. On-Island, Off-Island, mythology, sentimentality. Which of these props do you feel deserves to proceed through to round 2? Get voting!

Please note: Round 1 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. In some cases, however, it may be wise to place just 1 or 2 votes, as not to gimp your true favourites. Additionally, two props will proceed from each Round 1 poll.

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