DarkUFO - Lost

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This, in my own personal opinion, will be the most painful day of voting yet. Congrats to yesterday's winners, Ben's Bunny (the white rabbits), Locke's drawing of the smoke monster, the Fuselage Wreckage, and the System Failure Print-out.

Poll 1 has a bunch of big players in the form of one of television’s most exalted wheelchairs, the coolest VW van ever, ‘the’ coffin (enough said), and perhaps the most interesting and thought-provoking ship wreckage ever (both on and off television). That is not to mention fan favourite, the Black Rock dynamite (R.I.P Arzt), and the Code 14J telephone.

Poll 2 is just about as brutal. Baby Locke, Skeletor, and Christian’s shoe. But can they compete against the likes of the legendary Swan Station Computer, the Black & White Stones, and the ever popular Ninja Baton. Which will you vote for? Ask yourself, what would Ben do?

Please note: Round 1 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. In some cases, however, it may be wise to place just 1 or 2 votes, as not to gimp your true favourites. Additionally, two props will proceed from each Round 1 poll.

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