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We've just been contacted by one of our sources who is involved in the promotion of the Season 4 DVD. He's asked us all here at DarkUFO to help out and provide suggestions and feedback seeing as they see us as the largest Lost fan site out there (Which was nice of them!). So what we would like from you are some ideas/feedback on the following with regards to the promotion of the DVD.

- What features would you like to see available in advance to help promote the DVD eg Some some special videos/images etc
- What prizes would you like to see if various promotional contests were held?
- General thoughts about how to lure in people who have yet to see Lost. What might entice them to start
- What sites, other than DarkUFO should we target

So please, leave your feedback in the comments below on any or all of the above and help shape how the Season 4 is promoted. Who knows, we may get some exclusive assets to share with you all and maybe some prizes at some point. So be creative and comment away.

All your comments will be present at a meeting to discus the promotion of the DVD.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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