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Update: Just 5 more days of voting are left so any extra votes you have would be great. I've updated the places below.

Just trying to have one final push for votes in this years Blogging Awards. Any votes you can throw my way would be much appreciated :) And thanks to everyone who has already voted! Note: If you have already voted, don't forget to vote for us in the other categories below.

Best Pop Culture Blog - Currently 1st - Vote Here
Best Blog About Stuff - Currently 2nd - Vote Here
Best Entertainment Blog - Currently 4th - Vote Here
Best Blog Design - Currently 6th - Vote Here

1) Register at the Site here.
2) Goto the DarkUFO page here and vote :)
3) If you don't get a confirmation email, get a free gmail account they seem to work the best.

Update: 23rd Sept Up to 167 Votes. Up to 4th Place only 50 votes away from 3rd :)
Update: 16th Sept Up to 148 Votes, still in 5th place but only 3 votes behind 4th and 50 more for 3rd. Would be nice to get into the top 3 at least :) Thank to everyone who has voted.
Update: 11th Sept We're up to 5th place now with 130 votes. Need 21 more to get to 4th :)
Update: 9th Sept We're now up to 6th place with 110 votes. Thanks for all the votes and any more would be much appreciated.
Update: 7th Sept We're now up to 90 Votes on the front page :) I'm sure we can do better than 90 though ;)

Update: We currently have 58 votes and are nearly on the first page. Please keep the votes coming here. We had 1200 people signup to the brackets so I'm hoping we can get you all to vote here as well :)
My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog!Hey All, as most of you know, I have my own site, but I post here all the time to help out or cover for my good friend Andy (DarkUFO).

Well a couple of the main reasons are, because he is a great guy and runs the Best LOST site on the net!!

Yes, I love my site and love seeing it grow, but I know how much time and effort goes into a site like this. So I am just honored to be able to help and be a part of it all and to post for all you wonderful and passionate fans out there!!

Earlier today, I received a message informing me that DarkUFO was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards, but that the site had ONLY 2 votes!?

The site currently in the lead is a blog for The Office with over 500 votes and I am sure we can easily catch up and pass them.

I know any site can be nominated, but if you truly love this site and think this is one of the Best Entertainment sites out there, then please take a few moments to vote for DarkUFO!!

Here is the link to Main page of the site: Bloggers Choice Awards 2008

If you would like to vote for Dark use the following link:

Vote for DarkUFO as Best Entertainment Blog

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