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Congrats to Sawyer. He storms his way into the quarterfinals, forcing a frightful showdown between himself and Jack. Get your crash helmets ready for that one my dears.

Sawyer: 70% (selected to win Round 3 on 81.7% of all brackets)
Richard: 30% (selected to win Round 3 on 11.8% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and we've still got three leaders topping out our contest. Today will finally change that number once more!

Today's final matchup for Round 3 features two original Losties who met different fates at the end of Season 4. One escapes the Island while the other appears to have been killed in the freighter explosion. One is a member of the OCeanic 6 while the other is married to a member of the 6. It's the Iowan versus the Korean to lock up the eighth and final slot in the semifinals!

Kate Austen
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Kate Austen was once on the run for murdering her biological father. She was pursued by a US Marshal who eventually caught her in Australia. Kate found her freedom and a new beginning when the plane they were taking back to the US crashed onto the Island. On the Island, Kate served a leadership role for the Losties. She was captured by the Others more than once and eventually escaped the Island as one of the Oceanic 6. Back home, Kate faced trial for her crimes and has taken on Aaron Littelton as her son. She was last seen telling Jack she would never go back to the Island.

Jin-Soo Kwon
A survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Jin struggled to fit in. Knowing only his native Korean language, he was incapable of communicating with his fellow survivors until he learned that his wife Sun knew English. He helped Michael build the raft but was attacked by the Others out in the ocean. He met the Tailies, impregnated his wife and has come to learn a good deal of English from his wife and friends. His fate is somewhat uncertain, as he was last seen on the deck of the freighter when it exploded as the Oceanic 6 took off in a helicopter.

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