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Congratulations to Penny and Richard. They move on to Round 3.

Penny: 69% (selected to win Round 2 on 71.4% of all brackets)
Miles: 31% (selected to win Round 2 on 28.1% of all brackets)

Richard: 77% (selected to win Round 2 on 89.5% of all brackets)
Frank: 23% (selected to win Round 2 on 8.7% of all brackets)

The brackets site is updated and we're down to 3 perfect brackets! Will another one fall today? Anything is possible in the Character Cup my friends! Today's first matchup is between a father and a daughter. Will the presumed-dead father of a Lostie rule the day or will victory belong to the slain daughter of an Other? The second bout is a clash between the Other who was one of Lost's first creepy surprises and the Lostie responsible for exposing him.

Vote, comment and enjoy!

Christian Shephard
A one-time Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital, Christian Shephard lost his battle with alcoholism in Australia after losing his medical license. His body was recovered by his son Jack but since the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Christian has been seen several times on the Island. He first appeared to his son mysteriously, but he has also appeared to his daughter Claire and to John Locke as well. Christian has also appeared to his son after his escape from the Island, though it is unknown what his message is.

Alex Rousseau/Linus
Actually the daughter of Danielle Rousseau, Alex was taken from her mother by the Others shortly after her birth. She was raised to believe she was Benjamin Linus’ daughter and grew up in the Others’ community. A relationship developed between her and a young Other named Karl. Her adoptive father tried to prevent them from seeing each other but failed. At one time or another, Alex helped rescue Claire, Kate and Sawyer from the Others and eventually joined the Losties. She followed Locke to the Barracks and was taken captive by Keamy’s team while she, Karl and Rousseau were hiking to the Temple. She was executed by Keamy during a raid on the Barracks.

Ethan Rom
A member of the Others, Ethan has been involved with their recruiting efforts. In 2001 he and Richard Alpert actively pursued Juliet Burke from Oregon and succeeded in recruiting her and bringing her to the Island. Ethan was also a trained surgeon and apparently knew a thing or two about pre-natal care. He was ordered by Ben to infiltrate the Lostie camp and pose as a survivor, but he was found out. In a panic, he kidnapped Claire and took her to the Staff station. When Claire escaped, Ethan tried to bring her back but was killed by Charlie.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
One-time psych ward patient and fast food clerk, Hurley won a huge sum of money by playing the lottery with numbers he picked up from his time in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He came to believe his money was cursed though. After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the Numbers seemed to follow him. He seemed to have broken his curse and found a sense of belonging with the survivors. He is a member of the Oceanic 6 and was readmitted to Santa Rosa not long after returning home. He was last seen breaking out of Santa Rosa with help from Sayid.

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