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Congrats to Sawyer and Claire. They have moved on to Round 2. One more day and we're there. But, we've got to get through another day of Round 1 first.

Claire: 89% (selected on 92.5% of all brackets)
Mr. Paik: 11% (selected on 7.4% of all brackets)

Sawyer: 94% (selected on 99.8% of all brackets)
Regina: 6% (selected on 0.1% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated. Heading into the last matchups of Round 1, there are just 22 bracketeers still clinging to perfection. We've got another matchup that could prove a spoiler for a few of them. We'll just have to wait and see.

Our first bout is between a redshirt turned main character and the exiled now-former leader of the Others. The second bout could be our final spoiler for Round 1. It pits a now-deceased pre-crash Island resident against the first 815er to escape the Island.

Vote, comment and enjoy!

Nikki Fernandez
An actress, diamond thief and murderer, Nikki survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. In her past life, Nikki had been a guest star on the mega-hit TV show Exposé and was dating the show’s producer. She had her real boyfriend and accomplice Paulo poison the man’s food so they could steal his diamonds. The diamonds were lost in the crash and Nikki and Paulo mostly kept to themselves. When Nikki found out that Paulo had actually found the diamonds she went into a rage. She paralyzed him with a spider but got bit herself. Thinking they were dead, their fellow Losties buried them alive.

Benjamin Linus
A one-time member of the DHARMA Initiative and leader of the Others, Ben has a very turbulent past. His mother died at birth, leaving him in the custody of a resentful father. Ben and his dad joined the DHARMA Initiative when he was a boy but he quickly grew to hate it. He helped the Hostiles purge DHARMA and became their leader, getting orders from Jacob. He was captured by Rousseau after the crash of Flight 815 and developed a tense relationship with the survivors. Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel and moved the Island, banishing himself from it in the process. He was last seen discussing a return to the Island with Jack.

Danielle Rousseau
Part of a French scientific expedition that ran aground on the Island, Rousseau’s past is still shrouded in mystery. Shortly after reaching the Island, her crew mates got “sick” and she killed them. Rousseau went to the radio tower and altered the transmission and a few months later was attacked by the Others after giving birth to her daughter Alex. From that point on she was a loner, surviving anyway she knew how in the jungle. Years later she would meet the Losties and help them from time to time. Rousseau was shot and killed in an ambush by Keamy’s team when she, Alex and Karl were headed to the Temple.

Michael Dawson
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Michael was given custody of his son Walt shortly before the plane crash. His girlfriend Susan took Walt away as a baby but died suddenly in Australia. Her boyfriend at the time didn’t want the boy, thrusting Michael into a father role. Michael built a raft to escape the Island but it was attacked by the Others, who kidnapped Walt. Michael struck a deal with the Others. He set Ben free, resulting in the deaths of Ana-Lucia and Libby, in return for his and Walt’s freedom. Michael came back on the freighter though to help his friends. He died trying to delay a bomb on the freighter from detonating.

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