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Congratulations to Penny and Walt. They move on to Round 2, which is only days away now! But we can't begin Round 2 until we get our final four contestants.

Penny: 94% (selected on 99.4% of all brackets)
Cindy: 6% (selected on 0.5% of all brackets)

Walt: 54% (selected on 64.1% of all brackets)
Mikhail: 46% (selected on 35.8% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and I think it's fitting that there are only 23 braketeers left in our Character Cup. Will they all last through the end of Round 1? We'll just have to wait and see.

Now for today's matchups. Our first bout is between a powerful father and a mother who has become rather mysterious as of late. Our second matchup features a member of the freighter crew taking on the most popular Round 1 selection by our bracketeers.

Who will come out on top? Your votes will tell us. Enjoy!

Mr. Paik
A powerful businessman, Mr. Paik used to own and operate Paik Heavy Industries. His business dealings were not always ethical or legal, using muscle men to rough up those who stood in the way of contracts and deals. He is the father of Sun-Hwa Kwon and father-in-law to Jin. Paik only allowed Jin to marry his daughter if he would work for him, a situation both Sun and Jin would come to hate. When Sun returned as a member of the Oceanic 6, Paik was happy to have his daughter back. He was less than thrilled when Sun bought a majority share of the company and took over.

Claire Littleton
Pregnant at the time of Oceanic Flight 815’s crash, Claire’s past is somewhat tragic. While fighting with her mother in the car, Claire accidentally crashed the vehicle, putting her mother in a coma. She was briefly reunited with her biological father, Christian Shephard, who merely wanted Claire to take her mother off life support. Then, when she became pregnant, her boyfriend ran out on her. Since the crash, Claire has been kidnapped by the Others, formed a relationship with Charlie and was injured during the raid on the Barracks. She was last seen mysteriously in Jacob’s cabin with her supposedly dead father.

Filling an unknown role aboard the freighter, Regina acted as communications officer after Minkowski grew ill. She assisted Daniel in firing the rocket for his time test experiment and she also communicated to Miles that something was wrong with Minkowski. She acted as guard to Desmond and Sayid when they were brought aboard the freighter, but she seemed confused and disoriented. Falling victim to some kind of mental illness brought on by being to close to the Island, Regina committed suicide by wrapping herself in chains and jumping overboard.

James “Sawyer” Ford
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, James Ford spent most of his life tracking down the con man responsible for his parents’ deaths. He himself became a con man, going by the name Sawyer and once murdered a man in a case of mistaken identity. After crashing on the Island, Sawyer collected items strewn in the wreckage, setting up his own little bartering post. He has gone on many A-Team missions, been captured by the Others and escaped, served as temporary camp leader in Jack’s absence, and even found and killed the con man he had been looking for. Sawyer was last seen on the beach with Juliet before the Island disappeared.

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