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Hey All,
So how have you all been!? It has been 3 months since the LOST season 4 finale and we have only 5 months or so left in this long ass hiatus!! I know I know that is still a super long time away, but trust me it will go by quick.

As always we are trying to do our best to help the hiatus go by quicker and one way is via the podcast. This episode of the podcast focuses on the full experience of San Diego Comic Con 08.

For those that do not know, several friends, readers, listeners and fellow Losties met up with my podcast partner Ron and I at CC this year. We had a great time meeting everyone and hanging out among othe LOST lovers made the whole trip even MORE worth it. Of course a little chance meeting with LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at the Octagon Global Recruiting booth was not too bad a moment either... :)

Some of you have checked out the pictures and various video clips of how much fun we all had, but here is part one of our Comic Con recap episode where we talk about the good, the bad and whatever else during our trip.

Once again we had our very good friend and Queen of LOST on MySpace, Karen join us on the podcast to discuss these great moments and more!!

Karen was also the model for the SDCC08 Dharma Logo shirts and we talk about those as well. Don't worry we have not forgot about all of you who still want your shirt! Listen to the podcast for more details. :)

So sit back, relax and listen to part 1 of this podcast. Namaste.

Click Here to Listen to ODI LOSTcast 18 Part 1 - Comic Con Recap

NOTE: Part 2 will be available in the next 2-3 days, so stay tuned.

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