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Thanks to our friend and LOST blogger Lyly for the heads up that Jorge Garcia has confirmed doing a commentary with Evangeline Lilly on the Season 4 DVD extras.

No confirmation on which episode, but Garcia answered Lyly's question at the Fuselage.

Here are the details:

Hi Jorge,
I was wondering if we could have any chance to see you do a commentary for your episode or maybe "there is no place like home" or another episode, just i love commentary and i think it could be cool if you made one , i hope too emerson and terry will do one ^^ and why not evangeline, i love her in commentary, i remember the one she made last year with josh and carlton ^^ but i can't ask them so i ask you to start
I hope too we'll see you in the lost location for some episodes i enjoyed so much the lost location for "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" !!
thank in advance

Jorge Garcia:
Well you're in luck because I did do commentary. I recorded it with Evi.

Source: The Fuselage

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