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Congratulations to Rose and Alex for moving on to the next round. It seems that Rose v. Shannon finally provided us with a relatively close race. Shannon's elimination from the contest also means roughly a third of our bracketeers are now out of the running for that "perfect bracket" prize. But you're all still in the mix for the DVD set. There's still plenty of matchups to be had and it's not impossible to rebound from one wrong pick.

Rose: 59 % (selected on 66.7% of all brackets)
Shannon: 41 % (selected on 33.2% of all brackets)

Alex: 90% (selected on 92.6% of all brackets)
Bea: 10% (selected on 7.3% of all brackets)

The brackets site has been updated, so if you're taking part in the madness, check and see how you stand. After the first 8 matchups, 700 people are still tied for first place, including me. How long will that last?

Today's matchups don't feature anything quite as close as yesterday. In match #1 today we see a long-lost love take on one of the Oceanic 6. Match #2 is a battle between two mercenaries. Who will rule the roost today? You tell us.

Noor Abed “Nadia” Jazeem
A childhood friend and eventual love interest of Sayid, Nadia grew up in Iraq. As a young adult she acted as an insurgent against Saddam Hussein’s regime and was taken prisoner. She was freed by Sayid and disappeared. She popped up in London, where she was saved from a mugger by Charlie Pace, and also in California, where John Locke inspected her home. Upon the return of the Oceanic 6, Nadia sought out and was reunited with Sayid. They were married and happy for some time, but she was eventually murdered in Los Angeles by an employee of Charles Widmore.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
One-time psych ward patient and fast food clerk, Hurley won a huge sum of money by playing the lottery with numbers he picked up from his time in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He came to believe his money was cursed though. After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the Numbers seemed to follow him. He seemed to have broken his curse and found a sense of belonging with the survivors. He is a member of the Oceanic 6 and was readmitted to Santa Rosa not long after returning home. He was last seen breaking out of Santa Rosa with help from Sayid.

Martin Keamy
A former soldier with a laundry list of questionable mercenary employments, Keamy was hired by Charles Widmore to find the Island, extract Ben Linus alive and kill everyone else. Keamy led an assault on the Barracks which led to the execution of Ben’s daughter and the deaths of several redshirts. Ben called the Smoke Monster, which chased Keamy and his team away. Keamy returned, wearing a dead man’s trigger connected to C4 explosive on the freighter. He made his way to the Orchid, where he was killed by Ben, causing the freighter to explode.

Seemingly Keamy’s right-hand man, Omar was a member of the assault team on board the freighter. Nothing his known about his past. He was part of the assault on the Barracks, which he survived, and helped attach the dead man’s trigger to Keamy on the freighter. When the team returned to the Island, they were ambushed by the Others. A grenade was thrown at Keamy, which he kicked away. It landed at Omar’s feet and he was killed when it exploded.

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