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Video Issues

Update: 31st July For people who have been having sound issues, can you try the videos below and let me know in the comments if either one now works for you?

Update: Another article on possible solutions for those having problems can be found here.

A number of readers have been emailing me saying that they are having problems with the videos here at DarkUFO. I thought I'd conduct a poll to see the extent of the issue.

If anyone who previously had an issue has subsequently fixed it please could you leave some comments in this thread as it may help others.

Note: If you have problems can you leave a comment as to which browser you are using ie Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc

Update: Some users have emailed saying that they fixed their issues by installing the latest BETA Flash player. The latest current version is the one with an issue apparently. Use the links below to upgrade to the latest Beta version.

To see what version of Flash you have installed click HERE.

Internet Explorer Beta Player
Firefox and Other Browser Beta Player

adobe flash version test
adobe flash deinstall
adobe flash install

If you fixed your problem by upgrading to the latest version, can you post a comment to say that it worked etc.

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