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Update: 9th July Thanks for all the feedback. I will publish the results shortly.
Update: 7th July Based on the feedback I've been getting I've hopefully fixed the slow loading of the Homepage for Internet Explorer 7 users.. but really.... Get yourself a real browser that's fast and secure. Firefox
Update: Thanks for all the feedback, over 200 replies so far. Just a couple of points that seem to be recurring a lot in the feedback.

1) To see a summary of all the site updates in one place click on the Summary section in the menu.
2) Without the Ad's on the site there would be no site so I'm afraid we will have to keep them.
3) Please use the Forums for general chat and free discussions :) That's what we built them for.
4) We use Twitter for the updates in the top part of the screen. If you use Twitter you can add me.
5) The Labels drop-down in the sidebar is the best method at finding information by category.

I'm always looking for ways to improve the site and add your suggestions. With this in mind, please feel free to fill out the form below and give us your feedback. All feedback is anonymous.

P.S Don't waste your feedback on removing Advertisements :)

NOTE: I'll publish a summary of the findings in about a week or so.

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