DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to the There's No Place Like Home and Par Avion for progressing into Round 2. Par Avion breaks the record for the smallest victory margin, of just 2 Votes when I closed the polls. This is the second major upset and has cost me another pick in my brackets (Grrrr!)

The Brackets Table has been updated with Yesterdays results. Only 1 person out of the 1086 participants has got all 26 picks correct so far, congratulations to "Felix "Effgeh" Griep". How are you faring in the Bracket? I'm currently 24 from 26 :) Remember, points scored in the 1st round are not worth as much as points scored in later rounds, so you still have a chance even if you have several picks wrong currently.

Below are the final percentages and the score in brackets is the % score from the bracket competition.

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