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Hey Losties,
So as you know we are gathering a good team of Losties and friends to make the trip to San Diego Comic Con. We will be live blogging from SDCC and the LOST Panel that will be held on Saturday (currently scheduled for 12 noon PST). Unfortunately it seems like tickets for Saturday when the LOST panel is scheduled are sold out, but if you have a ticket and want to join us, please email me at:

No ticket is required to watch the LOST Panel.

As most of you know ABC is planning on having a booth with a new company called Octagon Global Recruiting (OGR) that is a division of the Dharma Initiative. All that has been officially confirmed is that OGR is set up to recruit us the fans as members of the DI.

ABC has been hush hush about more details or plans, but thanks to a new source we seemed to have received some interesting details of what is planned.

Now, since this is the first time we have some potential "spoilers" about Comic Con, so if you do NOT want to know or be spoiled, then STOP reading now. Additionally the information seems quite legit and we trust the source, but have no confirmation from ABC yet.

Also, there is NO word on if anything from OGR or SDCC will ever make the show and the current rumors are that this will lead to a new LOST ARG leading into Season 5. So for many, this is most likely not spoilery, but we want to be safe and warn you all.

Please do NOT email us asking who the source, is because we have promised to keep them anonymous, but if you want to know the information then click the following button to see more details.

This is just a SUMMARY of the information we received and yes we know some of it is stuff we knew already.

This is what we have so far and hopefully we will get some more information soon. So keep checking back for more information and as soon as we have it, we will let you all know.

Source: The ODI

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