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During last years neverending hiatus we ran a series of Cups which a lot of you enjoyed as well sparking a lot of debate. We listened to all your feedback for the these and we're going to be implementing some of these along with some fancy new features including the ability for you to track and predict the entire tournament bracket (More on this nearer the time).

However, in preparation for the first of these cups, The Episode Cup, we need to whittle down the full list of episodes down to 64. I've selected the first 63 episodes based on last years ratings, and ratings over at TV.COM and other other sites which leave us with 16 episodes all competing for the final spot in the Cup.

So please vote below for the episode that you think deserves a place in the final 64. You can vote for multiple episodes in this poll, but remember only the winner will go forward into the last 64.

A little later we will provide you with details of the draw, and how you can play along with the bracket and try to predict the eventual winners of each matchup. We will also be having prizes which I believe is a Season 4 DVD box set for the winner of the bracket tournement. So stay tuned and await further information on this hopefully fun addition to the Cups this year.

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