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Update: 26th July Submissions are now closed/
Update: 7th June 00:37 Problems with form fixed..... i hope
Update: 7th June 00:00 Just passed 2100 signups, 7,900 left
Update: 6th June Just passed 1800 signups, 8,200 left
Update: 22:30 Just passed 1300 signups, 8,700 left. We've already passed last years numbers of Entries.
Update: 19:00 Just passed 1000 signups, 9,000 left
Update: 14:00 Just passed 400+ signups in the first 5 hours :)

Well with the Season 4 Prediction League completed we are now taking submissions for the Season 5 Prediction League. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, some of which I have used in the new League. The prizes will be the same as this year.

1st Place - Season 5 DVD and Season 5 Soundtrack
2nd Place - Season 5 DVD
3rd Place - Season 5 Soundtrack

1) Please ensure you fill out ALL the fields.
2) Only 1 entry per person or you will be DISQUALIFIED.
3) You MUST use a valid email address otherwise you will not be eligible for the prize.
4) Do NOT email me if you forget your submissions.
5) There are 10,000 places available, once we hit that the Submissions will be closed. I will try to keep you updated as to the number of submission so far on a regular basis.
6) You can see the Points Categories below.
7) Please feel free to let your friends on other messages know so that they can participate.
8) The value you put in for real name will be displayed in the full table so that you can find your entry.
9) The "Previously on Lost" segment never counts in any of our competitions.

Once we have all the submissions in I will post the full table so that you can check your submissions and I'll provide some stats on the popular picks etc.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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