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It was good. A solid episode. But at the same time, I think any mediocrity of There’s No Place Like Home can be attributed to the fact that we already know where most everyone needs to ‘end up’ by the close of this season’s finale. This episode was a necessity – a pre-finale – and I think it was the best it could be, what with everyone zipping around the island (and ocean) in frenzied dashes. Knowing what’s coming next, this episode was like watching two great players setting up the pieces for a really kickass chess game… one that we unfortunately have to wait two weeks to watch. Things I Noticed:

Aaron Picked his Nose and Ate It
I pray to God I’m the first one who noticed this, because I really want credit for it! Right after the Oceanic chick says “see you on the ground”, she walks away (in high heels on a grated floor?) That’s when Aaron surreptitiously makes his move. It’s lightning-fast too, you’ve got to be quick or you’ll miss it. So go back and watch carefully – somewhere within that one scene is the key to unlocking the entire plot of the show.

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