DarkUFO - Lost

Here is this week's recap from Erika Olson (aka "e") from LongLiveLocke.com .

So was "Cabin Fever" really bizarre, or was it just the combination of Robitussin, Nasonex, Tylenol Cold & Cough, Hall's throat drops and Vicks VapoRub that affected my perception? Yes, I've been sick for the past week, but luckily my head is clear enough now to attempt to analyze all that happened in the latest Locke-centric Lost episode. Man, his flashbacks are always so depressing, aren't they?

Anyway, I'll take the Island events first, then the freighter action, and then the flashbacks. And I'm just warning you now, this post is extra-long. If you can't hang, don't even start reading!

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