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Here is the latest Prediction Table following last nights episode, There's No Place Like Home and with the new points we have some new leaders. With just the 2 hour long Finale to go it looks like a close race for the No.1 Spot.

Points Awarded Last Night

Name the Person - 20 Points
Who will the Season 4 finale focus on for Flashbacks? Oceanic 6 - No one guessed multiple Flashbacks/Flashforwards

Special - 40 Points
How many letters will the Season 4 Finale title have? There's No Place Like Home 21 Letters (37 Got this correct)
What will be the first letter of the Season 4 Finale title? T (393 Got this correct)

And after last nights episode we have the following running totals
How Many - 25 Points
How many deaths will happen in Season 4? 16 so far (Elsa, Golf Man, Naomi, Minkowski, Regina, Karl,Danielle,Alex, 3 Red Shirts, Doc Ray, Bakir, 1 Mercenary, 1 Freighter Person, Captain Gault)
How many episodes next year will contain flash forwards? 7 so far
How many episodes will be Jack Centric? 1 so far
How many episodes will be Ben Centric? 1 so far
How many episodes will both Rose and Bernard be in? 2 So far
How many episodes will we see Vincent? 4 So far

How are your Predictions looking?

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We also have the following predications that we're awaiting an answer on.

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