DarkUFO - Lost

I don't think there could've been a better way to pull us hiatus-weary Lost fans back into the thick of things than to unfurl the action-packed ninth episode before our unsuspecting eyes... "shock and awe," indeed.

The funniest thing was that I had a friend visiting who doesn't follow Lost. After it was over and we sat in silence digesting all that had happened in the past hour, she summed it up quite appropriately: "This show is intense!"

There were two things on my mind as the credits rolled: 1) "I can't believe they killed Alex," and 2) "I really think this means Rousseau is dead, too." Unlike the vast, vast, vast majority of fans out there, I didn't love this episode. Alex's murder totally depressed me and I found it hard to muster enthusiasm after that point in the show. But I'll whine more about that later on.

Island events first, then Ben's flashes.

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