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It's a week late, but hopefully the wait has been worth it. Here is your Week 8 Fantasy Update, complete with a new points leader! It seems like the last few weeks have had someone new taking the top slot each time, but Week 8 sees a familiar name reclaiming the lead.

"Meet Kevin Johnson" was another weaker performing episode, as far as points are concerned. Be sure to check out all the information below to get the full explanation behind some of the scoring decisions for this week. If you disagree with a scoring decision or think we missed something or simply have a question for us, hit up the comment section of email your questions to LFLquestions@gmail.com.

We're now in the midst of a Mini-Hiatus, but there's no need for you to despair! There will be plenty theorizing and general conversation here at DarkUFO's site. We'll also be posting a few surveys and polls regarding potential changes for the Season 5 Fantasy League. Be sure to chime in on the conversation and make your voice heard! With no new episodes to discuss for another few weeks, we'll be busy little beavers getting feedback from you, the present and future contestants of the Lost Fantasy League.

Be sure to check it out- your input just may influence the shape and scope of the Season 5 LFL.

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