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Here is J.Wood's recap of The Other Woman

“How can you possibly not understand that you're mine?”
—Ben to Juliet

“This island's mine.”
—Caliban to Prospero

Admit it: You really wanted to find out who Ben's man on the ship was. But you also have to admit, that opening was tricky. Juliet was done up, looking like she just stepped out of her Miami home, not the jungle. “I don't like being treated like a celebrity,” she says, giving the nod that she may be one of Oceanic 6—until Tom walks in with the hairy lip and blows out any assumptions or preconceptions.

Overall, “The Other Woman” is a bit of a pressure drop from “The Constant,” which gives the audience a bit of a chance to reset and just deal with the smaller reveals, rather than spacetime-twisting anomalies in physics. It's a safe bet that this is one of those episodes that will disappoint many after “The Constant,” but won't feel so out of place if watched back-to-back with the other episodes on the DVDs (a common sentiment about each season, it seems). There are plenty of places where “The Other Woman” will take its lumps on the writing, pacing, and motivation, so no need to pile on. Let's see what else is there.

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