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Things I Noticed – The Other Woman
The only way this episode of LOST could be any less Juliet-centric would be if they dropped the bikini scene. Thankfully, they didn’t. The rest of the episode had nothing to do with Juliet and everything to do with everything else. Things I Noticed:

Dammit Jin, why didn’t you stop them!
Sun’s Translation: “He says they went off into the jungle”.
Actual Translation: “Piss off dick, I’ve got my own problems! I’ve gone from one of LOST’s most beloved characters to getting less screen-time than dead Charlie. Hurley and Sawyer have a VCR and horseshoes. I’m completely out of the loop… the writers have totally Arzt’d me! The new chopper characters can kiss my ass.” (My Korean’s not that great, but I’m pretty sure that was the gist of it).

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