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Things I Noticed – Meet Kevin Johnson
There are so many shows that are formulaic. Take CSI for example. It’s not a bad show, but you know someone’s going to get killed in the first two minutes, and someone’s going to get caught in the last two minutes. And in the other 56, you can count on impossibly clever sarcastic banter, DNA testing (with a turnaround time of an hour or two), and people who never go home until the crime is solved. LOST is the polar opposite of all that. LOST is Thunderdome – anything goes. The show has constantly evolved on every level; characterization, story-telling methodology, and the mass introduction of new characters. And while we’ve been distracted by all that, the show has very subtly gone from spending more time off-island than on island. Two seasons ago, when chicken-suited Jin warned us that everything was going to change, we had no clue just how much. But more than halfway through season four now, LOST is pulling it off by feeding us answers week after week and keeping us sated and happy. At least, that is, until the next time they decide to yank the rug out from under us. Things I Noticed:

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