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One thing that might come to mind when Ben sends Alex, Karl and Rousseau to the temple is Ben sending Goodwin and Ethan out to the plane crash. Ben must love it when a plan comes together.

"Meet Kevin Johnson" was a newer kind of flashback, a near-time flashback; the only other near-time flashbacks we've seen so far have been on the island (like with "The Other 48 Days," "Three Minutes," "Exposé" and "The Brig"). If a timeline of the Lost mosaic is being constructed somewhere, the flashbacks from "Meet Kevin Johnson" would overlap with events from the third season, and well before the third season's finale; one clue is the Christmas tree in the hallway of the hospital, which suggests he crashed his car some time in December.

This episode was one of connections and reveals, with three basic settings: the flashbacks, the freighter, and the barracks. If one were to identify any particular themes of the episode, they might be fatalism and war, with Michael squarely in realm of fatalism and the freighter and Ben in the barracks in the war zone. There were also a number of interstitial connections peppered throughout the episode. This wasn't a particularly difficult episode to follow, but that's due to some careful narrative crafting that reconnected the audience with previous story elements, keeping everyone well-oriented.

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