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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- we have reached the midpoint of Season 4! "Ji Yeon" was the 7th out of 13 episodes we are getting this year. But we're not in the homestretch yet. That will come after the mini-hiatus when we plunge ahead into the last 5 episodes of the season and to our eventual LFL Champion.

So what happened this week? Well, as with "The Constant," this beautiful episode was kind of lacking in the points department. The outcome wasn't as brutal, but it still wasn't very pretty for many of you. A limited number of League characters really held teams back this week and we may be in for more of the same next week. We'll just have to see.

Having taken last week off, I am back with another insufferable video of myself yakking at you, so watch at your own risk :-P It's actually a breezy 10 minutes long, so kill some time and watch me go over the stats. Or just listen while you read. Read the content and voice your opinions, theories, arguments and praises in the oft-used comments section. Email your questions to LFLquestions@gmail.com.

Just one last thing- during the mini-hiatus DarkUFO and myself will be posting discussions and polls to try and get a feel for changes that can be made to make the Season 5 LFL better than this, its virgin run. So even though Lost will be taking a break, we won't be! Be sure to check out our ideas and the suggestions people may come up with for the future of the LFL.

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