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Some of you may remember way back in September, we gave you the chance to submit questions to Alex Petrovitch, one of the mysterious men at the Listening Station at the end of the Season 2 Finale. Well finally I'm pleased to say that we now have permission from ABC to release this Interview (which was actually conducted last year).

This is my first ever interview (so please don't be too harsh with me!) and I tried to get as many of your questions in that I could. I hope you enjoy it and a massive thanks to Alex for being so cool.

The Alex Petrovitch Interview

LOST Questions

How have you been?
Busy. I feel really bad about this. I’m not sure if you’ll mention it in the interview but my representation had received this interview and then the Powers that be were made it very clear that I lose all contact with anyone when it came to my character on Lost. Luckily everything has now been settled, so I’m fairly happy.


How did you get the role on Lost?
A mixture of luck and opportunity really. I grew up speaking Portuguese because my father is from Sao Paolo Brazil. LOST was looking for actors that could speak a foreign language. That was the opportunity part. The luck of the equation was hoping that they would pick Portuguese as the foreign language. At the audition, it was clear they weren’t certain who they were looking for. They had guys ranging from mid-20s into their 50s. And they had every different language you could imagine: Russian, German, Italian, Dutch.

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