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Remember last season when we all complained that the flashbacks were getting repetitive and boring (because they were)? Well that problem’s long gone. The new problem is trying to assimilate all the new data as the answers come flying in. Here goes:

Charlotte’s Web
I’ve changed my opinion on Charlotte. Too many people have pointed at too many things, and re-watching last week’s episode again she cast one too many sly looks (one of them being at the exact moment Ben blew her up). Dan, Miles, Frank? They’re the three blind mice. Dan’s too loveably eccentric to be ‘acting’ scatterbrained, and this week confirms our assumption that Miles is only in it for the money (said to Jack, low in the background: “…for what they’re paying me?”). Frank’s knowledge is zero – he’s nothing but a vehicle to get them to and from the island, the only pilot able to do so. And although Naomi might’ve known a little bit more than them, she still didn’t know the whole deal.

But I think Charlotte does. The Freighter crew wouldn’t have sent that chopper without at least one person who knew the true mission, and that person’s shaping up to be Charlotte. Which was pretty funny, because Locke was lucky enough to have her fall into his hands… only to trade her away for a handful of magic beans (Miles). Charlotte’s assertion that she “has work to do” after refusing the chopper ride only strengthens this idea. She’s got a job to accomplish, and you can bet it’s not paleontological.

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