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Just to let you know we've made a couple of small updates to the site.

1) As the strike is now finally over, we've removed this from the navigation menu, although you can still access it here.
2) We've also removed the Find 815 ARG section from the navigation menu, again this can still be accessed here.
3) We've added back the Summary link to the menu. This shows you an "At a Glance" view of all the major non-spoiler sections of the site.
4) We've added back the Portal page which gives you an "At a Glance" view from the other major Lost Sites. This could contain spoilers in the titles so beware
5) We've updated and improved the Search Box that appears on the main sections of the site. This search box appears at the top of the right hand sidebar. Simply type in your query and hit enter/click search. It will then return all the posts that match your query for the section you are on. It really is very useful and will cut down on a lot of questions. Equally you can also use the Labels drop-down menu to find specific post types.
6) In addition to the section specific search, we've also revamped our very special Lost version of Google. This is just like Google but it is only for LOST sites so that when you type in Jacob for example you will only see sites and posts that relate to Jacob from Lost. You can access the Global search from the Search Button in the header of all sections on this site or via this link. It's a great way to find things such as names of songs, transcript searches etc Give it a go, I'm sure you will find it useful and fun.
7) We've really started to ramp up the posts in the Forum section, we now include user submitted recaps from other great recappers that don't make it onto the homepage. There could be another Vozzek or Fishbiscuit lurking there undiscovered. We're also posting in the forum some great finds by other DarkUFO readers as well. If you would like to have your post/idea/finding posted in the forum, just email me via the contact button at the top of each page. Each post as a rating next to it and we have a table of the best posts to date so that you can easily find posts that interest you. We hope you pop on in to discover lots of useful and interesting information. Remember this site is not just for spoilers and easter eggs ;)

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