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Update: 10:30 GMT I've fixed the problem with the spreadsheet that showed this weeks points incorrectly, although the total points and ranks was correct. The new spreadsheet can be found here to download.

Another week, another episode of Lost, and another Fantasy Update. It's hard to believe that we're already done with the fourth week of competition. Where does the time go?

This week Kate fans can do their happy dance, but not as jubilantly as Sayid or Hurley fans were able to. While Kate finished out in the triple digits, the episode as a whole only managed 220 points, our lowest overall score for an episode this season. While the points spread may have been a little light, points were dished out during most of "Eggtown"'s big scenes, including the flashforwards, the almost-sex scene and the stunning revelation that closed the episode (stunning for us cool spoiler-free people at least!). :-)

Maybe it was the low score, or maybe I'm finally getting to be an expert at spotting those tricky points scenarios, but there were no important points rulings this week. We did make some adjustments for last week's episode. Between this adjustment and this week's points, we have a new points leader! Be sure to check that, the video and the rest of the info out whilst finding out how "Eggtown" treated your Fantasy roster.

Also, be sure to celebrate, mope, question and merely chat in the comment section. We're also always open for business to help you out with your questions by emailing us at LFLquestions@gmail.com.

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