DarkUFO - Lost

What a wild episode this was! While it didn't beat out "Confirmed Dead" in overall points, "The Economist" provided us with thrills, spills and chills. It's got action, adventure and romance- a perfect blend of elements for a successful episode of our beloved show.

Please be sure to check out the Important Points Rulings section, because there have been a few major amendments made to our rules. If you haven't checked out the rule book yet, check it out here. The new amendments don't change things too much, but they do provide clarity on some potentially sticky areas.

Also of note is that the end of the Prediction League and the Fantasy League have been established. The Prediction League will continue into Season 5 because contestants were to predict how many episodes certain things would occur or appear. Since we assumed a full 16 episode season when registering, DarkUFO will hold the end of the Prediction League over until we have had 16 episodes. The Fantasy League, however, will be concluding with the final episode of Season 4. That's just something to keep in mind if you are involved with both Leagues.

You know the drill: watch the video, read the sections and leave comments if you find yourself so inclined. If you have any really burning questions, shoot them my way at LFLquestions@gmail.com

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