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Update: 27th Feb 2008 11:15 It's just been announced that François Chau who plays Dr. Marvin Candle / Dr. Mark Wickmund will also be appearing.
Update: 27th Feb 2008 10:00 Frederic Lehne who played the Marshall has also been added to the guest list.

Thanks to Ellie from for letting us know that the UK Lockdown event has announced another guest.

It now includes Yemi, Eko's brother, played by Adetokumboh McCormack.

Guest now confirmed for the event are: Henry Ian Cusick, Andrew Divoff, Adetokumboh McCormack and Frederic Lehne.

We will be holding live blogging from the event on our Live Lost page.If you are attending and would like to join our team of Live Blogger please send me an email.

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