DarkUFO - Lost

WOMAN: Dan, why are you so upset?
DANIEL: I don’t know.

In 2005, social scientist Malcolm Gladwell published a best-selling work of non-fiction entitled Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Gladwell’s book explores the phenomenon known as 'thin-slicing', in which a part of the human brain known as the adaptive unconscious can process massive amounts of information instantaneously. In one particular example, months of scientific tests indicated that a statue buried underground was authentic. Despite this evidence, a handful of experts were able to judge that the piece was a fake after only a two-second glance. Those experts, showing an uncanny psychic-like ability, eventually turned out to be correct. Although the elaborate hoax deceived our most advanced technology, it could not slip by the oldest and greatest piece of technology: the human brain. Examples of such amazingly accurate snap judgments in Blink may sound like science-fiction, but all of them are grounded in hard science.

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