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Here is Jeff Jensen's recap of Confirmed Dead.

I have been told by people who also received preview screeners that they thought last night's episode of Lost, ''Confirmed Dead,'' was flawed. The opening-sequence flashback — in which the wreckage of Oceanic 815 was found on the ocean floor — was a narrative cheat because it relied on perspectives not known to its character. Similarly, the moment when sisterless secret agent Naomi recalled receiving her Island infiltration orders from castaway-denier Matthew Abbaddon played fast and loose with flashback logic because...well, because Naomi was dead. (Maybe consciousness seeps out slowly on Soul Trap Island.) If Frank Lapidus really landed the freighter chopper as he claimed, how come he woke up so far away from it? (Maybe there's a story to be told there.) And come on: Isn't the whole business of Ben manipulating Locke with the promise of Island secrets getting just a little bit old? (Maybe...nah, you're right about that one.)

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