DarkUFO - Lost

Please give the last of our new recappers this season, Erika Olson (aka "e") from LongLiveLocke.com a big warm DarkUFO welcome. (Note: We've fixed the image problems)

Here we are again, wondering what in the hell just happened on Lost. And it's about time! When the premiere started rolling, it was like the painful memories of the show's eight-month hiatus just dissipated into a puff of (black) smoke; I was sucked right back in to where we had left off with our beloved Lostaways. However, if I had to sum up the Season Four premiere in two words, I would have to turn to one of my favorite phrases: "Saaaaaay Whaaaaaaa?" If I was given only a sentence to express my thoughts, it would be: "Well, at least now we know what all of those "6"s embedded in the promos meant..."

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