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Ok, I've had back the 20+ Top 5 from the SpoilerTV team and we've narrowed it down to these 7 finalists. Please use the poll to select your favorite design. The winning design will be used on SpoilerTV vidoes and will be the basis for a future redesign of the site. The winning designing will also receive a $30 Amazon gift voucher from me as a token of appreciation. I want to thank all the SpoilerTV team for sending me their Top 5 but more importantly, thank everyone who made a submission. I was seriously overwhelmed by the quality and the amount of submissions.

So with no further ado, here are the Final 7 entries. For the purposes of the poll I've given them a number which should be read from Left-Right, Top-Bottom as well a quick 1 line description. Thanks for you votes and feel free to leave any comments on the design in the comments section.

1) Warning:SpoilerTV Fuzz
2) Do Not Cross Spoilerline
3) Vertical Bars
4) Neon Blue
5) Spoiler TV Blue Fuzz
6) Colour Transmission Bars
7) SpoilerTV Smashed Screen

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