DarkUFO - Lost

Hard to believe we're at Week 7 already, isn't it?!? The bad news is that this episode was only helpful to a few characters and very harsh for Sawyer. The good news is we're that much closer to the start of Season 4!

This week's episode is "The Glass Ballerina" from Season 3. A good bit of action happens here, so be sure to check out each of the sections below. Once again, some points rulings were made that will affect future episodes.

Before the start of Season 4 though, DarkUFO and I will have created our official rule book for the LFL. We'll make it available to all of you so you can get a better idea for how your team will do each week before I post the Fantasy Updates.

Well let's get to it! Watch the video, read the sections, but most importantly- enjoy yourself! This is, after all, just for fun. Leave us a comment of drop an email to LFLquestions@gmail.com

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