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Thanks to Alan for the following.

It seems that McFarlane may not continue with the LOST line of action figures. Ben, Desmond, Sayid, and Claire were announced about a year ago to be the next batch of figures, but now they may never be made.

There is a forum thread going at McFarlane's spawn.com and a moderator says that they are not necessarily dead yet, but that it could happen.


There is an online petition started that has 685 signatures as of now. We need to get this out there for all LOST fans to see and sign! The following is what is found on the petition's website:

"Hello LOST fans and Action figure collectors.

As most of you know, LOST has been an important part of TV in the last 3 years, and it keeps getting better and better. Because of its success Todd McFarlane signed a deal with ABC to make real live action figures of our favorite characters. Since then we have had two waves of figures. The first wave - which was released in late 2006 - included Jack, Locke, Kate, Charlie, Shannon, Hurley and an exclusive Hatch box set. This summer the second wave was released and it included Sun, Jin, Sawyer and Mr. Eko. They are all very lifelike figures, and have made many LOST fans and action figure collectors happy. They each come with sound boxes, and real size prop replicas from the show. McFarlane truly does put his all into the figures. And now comes the reason for this petition. Series·3 has been announced for the beginning of next year, and it is said to include Claire, Desmond, Sayid, Henry Gale [Ben] and an Oceanic Flight 815 crash box set. First McFarlane was planning on releasing the wave in October of this year, but they pushed it back to February, 2008. They said it was due to the start of Season 4. But things are looking a bit grim for the line as we haven't heard anything of it since June. There are rumors going around that Series 3 of the figures may be canceled because Series 2 isn't selling as well as expected. So if you care that we get a Series 3 of the figures please be so kind as to sign this petition. And if you don't have any of the figures yet, go check them out, and if you like them, please sign! Thank you for taking your time to read this."

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