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Jacob isn't the only one who makes lists you know! As a special Christmas surprise, Santa Claus has dropped in to share his "Naughty" and "Nice" lists with us. Only his list shows us which of our League characters have gained or lost points from the recent points adjustments.

Only 14 characters were affected one way or the other after we adjusted the points, so if any of your characters' names do not appear below it means that they retained their points total and were unaffected by our adjustments.

Some characters were hit harder than others, so be sure to check this out. Otherwise, you may be blindsided by a wildly different score than you were expecting come the posting of Week 6 data.

These adjustments affect only the first five weeks of competition. Week 6 scores will be posted on Thursday evening (US Eastern time).


Jack (-10): Jack loses 10 points for being thrown to the ground when dear Dr. Arzt detonated himself in "Exodus Part 2." The force of the explosion threw everyone down to the ground and it is now considered an injury.

Hurley (-10): Although Hurley does his best to keep everybody thinking positively, he also loses 10 points for being tossed to the dirt when Dr. Arzt went boom.

Sayid (-10): Because of stricter rules on rough-housing, Sayid loses 5 points for grabbing Charlie by the neck in "Exodus Part 2" and another 5 points for tackling Shannon in "The Greater Good."

Claire (-10): Taking care of her baby and patching things up with Charlie wasn't enough to keep momma Claire off the naughty list. Five points were deducted for her memory of scratching Rousseau and another five were taken off for hysterically beating on Charlie when he refused to let her come with him and Sayid to track down the baby-snatching French chick. Both occurred in "Exodus Part 2."

Rousseau (-10): Rousseau loses 10 points for getting scratched by Claire (albeit in memory) in "Exodus Part 2."

Locke (-20): Everybody's favorite hunter/explorer loses points for getting pushed (and pulled) around. In "Exodus Part 2", Locke gets thrown to the ground by the exploding Arzt and then later gets dragged through the jungle by the Smoke Monster. These events cost Locke 10 points each.

Jin (-30): Jin had 20 points stripped from him in "Exodus Part 2" because he did not discover the Others. Since the Others were looking for the raft folk, our refined discovery rules take away those precious points from our first hiatus episode. Jin loses another 10 points for being tossed into the tiger pit in "The Other 48 Days." We're now ruling that getting thrown into a pit is unpleasant enough to be considered an injury.

Walt (-30): Walt also loses the 20 points for discovering the Others, since the raft folk didn't discover them. But to add insult to injury, he loses an additional 10 points for being abducted by the Others at the end of "Exodus Part 2." Since we see that he is taken by force, the abduction counts as an injury.

Sawyer (-40): Everyone's favorite con-man has a penchant for being naughty, so it's no surprise he made the list. Sawyer also is stripped of the 20 discovery points from "Exodus Part 2", but he also loses 10 points for being thrown into the tiger pit in "The Other 48 Days." To further add to his losses, Ana-Lucia popped him on the cheek when she was in the pit, costing Sawyer another 10 points.

Michael (-45): It seems Michael's naughtiness knows no bounds! He also loses out on those 20 discover points from "Exodus Part 2" and 10 points for being thrown into the tiger pit in "The Other 48 Days", but he also loses 10 points for being tackled by Boone and 5 points for throwing Brian Porter up against a wall during a flashback, both occurring in "Special."


Kate (+10): The cutest convict on TV manages to redeem herself on Santa's list. Despite losing 10 points for being tossed like a rag doll by Arzt's messy disappearing trick in "Exodus Part 2", she earns 20 points for discovering the satellite radio when stumbling upon Sayid and Hurley trying to make it work during "The Brig."

Cindy (+10): Taking a cue from Kate, Cindy also manages to turn her luck around. The crash of 815 is now considered an injuring event. Prior to this ruling, Cindy was the only Tailie not injured by the crash. She loses 10 points for being in the wreck but rebounds by earning 20 points for meeting our trio of raft survivors, which they had no previous knowledge of. Both events took place in "The Other 48 Days."

Bernard (+20): Bernard also receives 20 points for discovering new people in our Lostie pals. This moves Bernie ahead of Hurley for the highest single episode total for a League character.

Libby (+20): She also benefits from discovering "new" people, our Lostie friends in "The Other 48 Days."

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