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Update: 15th Dec You can now hear the interview over here. Beware the audio does contain some spoiler chat with some big reveals for those that have not been keeping up with spoilers.

Update: 14th Dec You can chat with The ODI during interview via this link. The Interview starts in around 30 mins.

I was recently contacted to do a Radio show in the US. Unfortunately I could not able to oblige due to a) being in the UK and b) not being available at the time. So I asked my good friend The ODI to see if he could fill in for me.

Below are the details now that the interview is confirmed. We'll hopefully get the audio posted here after the interview and you can listen live and even call in yourself to ask questions.

Good luck with the Interview mate.

Hey Losties,
That is right, you read the title correctly. I will be interviewed tomorrow by a FM Radio show from Florida.

What....how...who...!? Well the hosts of a fairly large radio show in Central Florida are big fans of LOST and discuss the show with their listeners. They are also big fans of our good friend DarkUFO like us as well and actually contacted him for an interview. Unfortunately Dark is in the UK so he informed the show about me and asked if I would want to do it. So I said yes...!!

Now this interview will be a live interview on the Shannon Burke Radio show in Central Florida (Orlando, Cocoa, Daytona, Melbourne, & the surrounding areas) on 104.1FM and will be streaming live online. The interview will start at 10AM PST (that is 1PM for you easties) and is a call in show so it will be at least one segment and could last two depending on the amount of calls.

We will be discussing the sites, LOST (theories and spoilers) and the effect of the strike on next season. I know many of you are not fans of spoilers, but do not worry we will warn you before the spoilers are discussed. Also, I will see if we can try to keep the spoilers towards the end of the show so for those that do not want to be spoiled can listen as long as possible. However, once the calls start we really can't control the questions.

So if you are out there and want to listen or even call in to the show here are the details:

Show Website: shannon.wtks.com
Live Streaming Link: realradio.fm
Call-In Numbers: (407)-916-1041 and (888)-978-1041

Also, once you are on the site, there is a link at the top that says "live stream"....just click on that & you will be able to listen online. You might want to try it once just to make sure it works ok.

NOTE: Make sure you disable all AdBlockers for the Audio Player to work.

So this sounds fun and if you want to listen or be a part of the show please tune in. Also, if you have any questions feel free to message me or DarkUFO.

Thanks for stopping by and namaste.

Source: The ODI

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