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After weeks of voting, Lost fans have decided that the best Location on Lost to date is the main beach camp in a fairly one-sided final against Jacob Shack.

Just wanted to give a massive thanks to Dharmaggedon for putting this cup together along with his great images, and thanks to the thousands of you who voted and commented.

I also thought with Season 4 rapidly approaching to list all the cup winners we've had during this ever so long Hiatus. Thanks again to all my helpers, especially G-Man and Dharmageddon for all their hard work on running this cups and polls.

And thanks to you all for sticking around DarkUFO during this Hiatus which we have managed to survive, in fact we've managed to survive longer than our Losties have on the Island to date.

Due to the writers strike is looks like we're going to have another extended break before we get to see episodes 9-16 so we have a few more things planned for this next break but we seem to have survived the first one pretty much intact.

Below is a summary of the cup winners and here's hoping for some more excellent, scenes, characters, locations and episodes in Season 4.

Oh and a Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all have a great 2008 and continue to visit us here at DarkUFO.

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