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What's the strike cut-off point?

I've been trying to get my head around the strike and the impact it will have on Lost next year. I've created this simple chart to help explain what may happen. This is based on each script taking 2 weeks to write and 2 weeks per episode to film.

If the strike ends now, there will be no impact on Lost. The following shows the impact on Lost if the strike finishes on 1st Dec, 1st Jan, 1st Feb.

1st December : Will allow Lost to complete and air all 16 episodes as planned with no gaps/breaks
1st Jan : Will just about allow Lost to complete and air all 16 episodes although this will be VERY tight and there may well be a small 1-2 week break to give them breathing space.
1st Feb : Will mean there will be a delay of at least a month to allow filming to catchup.

Any dates later than 1st Feb will cause major delays and may even see the last 8 episode put off till some yet to be announced date.

Remember this is just for speculation only and to give you a rough idea of the timelines and is based on a 2 week writing and shooting schedule.

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