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Wanna be part of a Lost Documentary

Thanks to The ODI for letting me know about this Lost Documentary.

Are you or a friend a fan of the television series LOST?? Do you consider yourself a Lostie?? Are you or a friend interested in being interviewed for a fan-based documentary about television series? Then contact us about taking part in The Lost Doc.

The interviews consist of speaking to you about your theories, ideas, and thoughts about LOST. We would also ask you some questions about various theories, ideas and thoughts that we have researched throughout the LOST fan-community. The interviews are informal and lots of fun, and shouldn't last more than an hour.

If your local to Southern California, can make it up to Lost Angeles, and have any interest in being a part of the project, let me know. Please reply to thelostdoc@gmail.com if your interested so we can answer any questions you might have and schedule an interview. Thanks!!

You can also check them out on their MySpace pag.

Source: The LOST Doc @ Myspace

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