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Mobisodes coming out this week?

Update: 17:00 GMT My friend Susan is currently attempting to video the video on her phone as there is no way to save the streamed image as it's protected. Hopefully we will have it online soon but the quality is likely to be very poor.

Update: 16:00 GMT I have a friend who has this video but they don't know how to save/transfer the video from the phone. Does anyone with a Verizon phone know if this is possible?

Thanks to Odul for alerting me to this. It appears the first mobisode is out (see description below). If anyone has a Verizon service and can send me the video I will post it here for other fans to see.

Well first you have to have Verizon service, and then you access V-Cast Video...from there you go to the TV & Film Menu...then you go to the ABC Entertainment Menu...then you scroll down until you find the video labeled Lost.

It is 2 minutes and 42 seconds long.

First mobisode comes on this week, and it's got Jack-Christian in it, supposedly from their past, I'm just quoting olivergreen here, the person who alerted us about it.

It starts with Jack throwing rocks into the ocean and Christian shows up and gives him his grandfather's watch. They talk about marriage and being a father.

Source: Odul via The Fuselage

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