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Congratulations to yesterdays winners The Nigerian Village and The "Walkabout Tours" Registration Building gain the final 2 places in Round 2 which starts today.

A big thanks once again for Dharmageddon for creating a brand new set of great images for Round 2.

Today starts the first poll for Round 2 with the following locations still in the competition. Which of these do you think are the favourite contenders and which ones might cause an upset?

Anthony Cooper’s House/Estate, Arctic Listening Station, Charles Widmore's (Widmore Industries) Office/s, Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor (featured in the flash-froward), Hurley's Golf Course, Inside Flight 815, Jacob’s Shack, Kate’s Iowa Home (Wayne's final resting place BOOM!), Mittelos BioScience Presentation Room (where Richard recruits Juliet), Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, Ms. Hawking's Jewelry Store, Othersville, Room 23, Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, Sydney (Kingsford Smith) International Airport, Sydney Airport Bar, The "Leyland" Pub (featured in Desmond's time-travelling adventure), The "Walkabout Tours" Registration Building, The Black Rock, The Caves, The Cockpit, The Four-Toed Statue, The Fuselage Crash Site, The Hanso Foundation Headquarters in Copenhagen, The Line (Tom’s "do not cross" line), The Looking Glass Station, The Los Angeles "tour de stade" Stadium, The Main Beach Camp, The Miami Hospital (where Locke recieved his wheelchair), The Nigerian Airstrip (where Yemi got shot), The Nigerian Village
The Pot Farm/Commune (in Eureka)

I'm thinking that Jacob's shack and Room 23 both have a good chance of going all the way with the Walkabout Tours office being an outside bet.

So on with todays first poll of Round 2.

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