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As you may have noticed Dailymotion deleted my account today and I've already had several accounts on YouTube deleted. All the major video hosting sites are hunting down people who post episode clips and trailers and as we get so many hits we get noticed a lot. With Season 4 around a rather long corner I thought I better start looking for a new approach.

First please try the video player below to see if it works. The videos will be held on my own server and won't disappear anymore without warning. Please vote on the poll as to how you got on and if it does not work can you leave a comment as to any problems you have.

Also, if anyone as any hosting and bandwidth that they would like to donate to me, please email me at darkufo@ntlworld.com as I'm going to run out of diskspace and bandwidth in the future or I may decide to setup a small fund raiser so that people can donate a few dollars to help me pay for the additional hosting costs.

Update: Thanks to DarkUFO reader Matt who has donated a large chunk of diskspace and bandwidth to me, so hopefully we have a good solution going forward. I'm still planning on eventually getting my own server etc but this will keep us going until I shop around and find a good deal. Also, I've added a player for MP3 only files. If you have any problems playing the MP3 one please let me know as we will probably use this for Podcasts and Audio Interviews.

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