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Thanks to Katie for the scans and the info.
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Here are the scans of the LOST Magazine Cover Story "Femme Fatales".

There really wasn't anything in the magazine we haven't heard or read before but this from the interview with M.C. Gainey was pretty funny after all the speculation about his character's sexuality.

Amongst all the darkness of season three, what's the funniest memory of the shoot?

M.C.: The funniest thing is that when they brought me back, the first scene I was in during the first episode was Kate in the shower. She said, "I'm not taking a shower in front of you," and I said, "Kate, you're not my type." Well, I'm sure you know what the blogs did from that moment on, so I began to try to play that [laughs]!

There wasn't much I could do for a while because I was a turnkey - most of what I did was lock them in cells, but I tried to flirt with Sawyer and certainly tried to flirt with Jack. I handled him with kid gloves and worshipped him and gazed at him from afar. There wasn't much I got to do with it, but it was in my thoughts, I began to think that way, and I looked at Jack that way. He wasn't just a prisoner; he was Jack. It's not hard to play that because Matthew is a really dynamic guy. He's got that charisma thing that everyone on the island agrees with. If Kate's not Tom's type then Jack is! Tom's attraction to Jack got me through the first half of the season [laughs]!

Source: Katie

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