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Update: 16:30Due to a number of people with concerns over there full email address being displayed, the full points table has been updated to show only the first part of the email address before the "@" symbol.

Update: 14:30Thanks to Josh, we've found Jorge Garcia's entry. You can see this in the full table - He is currently in 84th place. When we publish the next episode results we'll include him in the Celebrity table.

Here we go folks- the Hiatus Fantasy League is under way! Over the next three and a half months we will have the opportunity to test out all the fun technology that will make the Season 4 Fantasy League work. As mentioned before, there will be 8 episodes involved in this Hiatus League, with video updates every two weeks. This will give you all a chance to revisit old episodes and try your hand at keeping score for yourself and then comparing against the official score, determined by me.

The first episode for the Hiatus League was Exodus Part 2, the 2-hour Season 1 finale. It was a strong episode that dished out plenty of points, despite a large amount of character absenteeism. I want to warn you that the video on your left is very long and it may take a while for it to load. Please be patient with us during this testing phase. There will be many improvements made via our observations and your feedback. Future Updates will be much shorter too. :-)

The following is the episode recap and scoring data for all the characters for Week 1 of the Hiatus League. The episode I watched was 1x24- Exodus Part 2.

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