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REMINDER: Do not post spoiler inclusive questions in the comments section! If you know or think your question involves Season 4 spoilers, email DarkUFO directly.

Well, things seem to have worked pretty well on the whole for the first week of the Hiatus League. DarkUFO and I have read all your comments and questions and we hope to use your input and queries to improve the way we operate the league come February. The biggest help that the Hiatus League gives to me is in the scoring department. Through these 8 episodes that we’ll be watching, I should be able to narrow down and eliminate any grey areas regarding each points category. This will help all of you, the contestants, as well, in that it will give you a better understanding of what counts for points. This should help minimize any controversy and make the league enjoyable for all.

That being said, let’s get to your questions! The questions are in bold-italic, with my answers below them. These questions came either from the comment section or from your emails.

Now of course, DarkUFO has the right to override anything I've said here and lay down any super-final rulings. But, this is all pretty much in line with our discussions while setting up the league.

Do you think there's another issue that needs to be addressed? Don't think I hit all the important points? Leave us a comment of send in more email.

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